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YCL-8 (Six Storied Building) at Sector-2, CEPZ.

Employer: Youngone(CEPZ) Ltd., Plot# 11-16, Sector #2,CEPZ, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Nature of Works:
Site Preparation – 2,460.00 sqm.
Earth work in Excavation- 3,672.00 cum.
Earth filling by Excavated Soil: 2,203.00 cum.
Sand filling by carried sand – 5,766.00 cum.
Brick Flat Soling – 1,750.00 cum.
Lean Concrete (75mm thick.) -144.00 cum.
RCC work in foundation, column, beam, and slab etc.- 6,360.00 cum. Shuttering work for RCC work- 24,313.00 sqm.
Reinforcement bar works for Above RCC work: 696.85 M. Ton.
Brick work (250mm)- 1,032.00 cum.
Plaster work- 20,515.00 sqm.
Floor Finishing -11,948.00 sqm.
Painting Works- 30,546.00 Sqm.

Total Contract Price

BDT: 43.15 Crore

Start Date Completion Date
November: 2011
December: 2013